• Where Solid color clothing this way all the focus is on your face and not the distracting colors or patterns
  • Pick more muted tones so that you stand out not your clothes.
  • Pick tops and bottoms that are similar tones. for example if you wear a white top with dark bottoms it will make your top appear larger. if the bottoms are white and you are wearing a dark top your bottom will appear larger. 
  • Choose one to three color tones four your group and have everyone stick to it. For example dark green, navy, burgundy or tan, light olive green and denim.
  • Keep jewelry and accessories to a minimum. Too much will be distracting, drawing attention away from your face.

     So you invested your money in a delightful photo session. Now what you ask? Where do you get your prints? The local big box store or pharmacy? I would think again. You already invested money to get these amazing photos and now you are going to risk the quality. Getting professional prints though us is one way to make sure your prints are the quality that they were intended to be. If you insist on printing your own i suggest you skip the big box store and check out mpix or nation photo lab. Be sure to mark that you do not want your images to be color corrected. Make sure your prints will be a quality keep sake you can pass down for years to come. 

After your session 

What to wear 

Suggestions for Your Next Photography Session 

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